Visa Works
You need to check how your order is prepared and if what we supply is fit to your demand or not. So you have to make a trip to Iran, to check everything directly and closely in quarry or factory.
We will help you during your trip and our first step is getting an entrance visa for you.
Also thats not all we would do. We will also provide you with other services like booking hotels and etc.
Trip Planning
When you arrive we will pick you up from airport. We will plan all of your domestic trips inside Iran based on your demand. We would coordinate all parts of your trip to minimize the time you need to stay and make your stay as comfortable as possible. Also if you need to stay in any area we will book a hotel room for you and in addition if for any of your domestic trip there is a need of flight we will get your ticket before to spped up the process.
We know that you always dont have enough time to go to another country, spend a lot of time to check what you need individually. So we planned a consulting program which you can give your orders to your direct consultatnt. He/She will go to quarry, make photos of the blocks and will send to you. You can check photos and after your confirmation the order will ship to you. As simple as that!
Just confirm your order and leave rest to us. After confirming your order we will do all of the transportation process from quarry/factory to the destination you want.
We would do all documentations and transportation process and will deliver your goods in the customs, you just need to deliver the documents and only release your goods from customs.